Lista dei souvenir di WarioWare: Twisted!

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Questa è una lista dei souvenir presenti in WarioWare: Twisted!

Records (Dischi)[modifica | modifica sorgente]

Questi souvenir delle versioni complete di alcune canzoni del gioco, provenienti da diversi stage e microgiochi. Durante la riproduzione di un brano il giocatore può inclinare il Game Boy Advance per muovere il disco e scratchare la musica (Funzionalità disponibile solo dopo aver completato lo stage di 9-Volt).

Souvenir Icona Descrizione
Mona Pizza Icona Record Mona Pizza.png "I can't get this song out of my head. "This here is Mona Pizza!""
Pizza Dinosaur Icona Record Pizza Dinosaur.png "I can't believe those corporation jerks put out a record, too. Whatever. My pizza and my tunes are still way fresher!"
Skyway Highway Icona Record Skyway Highway.png "A drive in the starry sky on a sleepless night"
One Step at a Time Icona Record One Step At a Time Record.png "Remember this microgame? One of Jimmy's best!"
Jimmy's Night Icona Record Jimmys Night.png "Jimmy here! My hit number's been remixed! It looks like we'll be dancing again tonight!"
Nose Dive Icona Record Nose Dive.png "This is my pick of the top ten!"
Taxi Sonata Icona Record Taxi Sonata.png "This song was recorded by the Diamond City Symphony. See, we DO have culture here!"
Dribble & Spitz Icona Record Dribble And Spitz.png "This is the highly anticipated debut song from Nishimaki."
Basic Training Icona Record Basic Training.png "This ditty should remind you of that bittersweet day when you and your partner successfully escaped dangers on the tracks."
Bright Idea Boogie Icona Record Bright Idea Boogie.png "This is Dr. Crygor's theme song! Get down to it, and maybe inspiration will strike!"
NES Remix Icona Record NES Remix.png "9-Volt here! I wrote this song and released it in collaboration with 18-Volt! Customize it by scratching it!"
Wario de Mambo Icona Record Wario De Mambo.png "I am the master of the dance!"
Vision Icona Record Vision.png "The smash hit by legendary D.J. BaBa is only available on vinyl!"
Super Mario Bros. Icona Record Super Mario Bros.png "Doo-doo doo doo-doo DOO!"
Metroid Icona Record Metroid.png "Classic ending for a classic game."
Balloon Fight Icona Record Balloon Fight.png "This festive music brings me back..."
Wrecking Crew Icona Record Wrecking Crew.png "That filthy Mario could never hold a job!"
Kid Icarus Icona Record Kid Icarus.png "This is the closest you'll ever come to a sequel. Har har!"

Instruments (Strumenti musicali)[modifica | modifica sorgente]

Questi souvenir sono degli strumenti musicali di vario tipo con cui è possibile suonare o creare delle canzoni.

Souvenir Icona Descrizione
Glissando Piano Icona Glissando Piano.png "Hold Pulsante A Button and move the hand to glide across the keys."
Piano Icona Piano.png "Try playing your favorite tune!"
Player Piano 1 Icona Player Piano 1.png "This piano will teach you to play a little ditty."
Player Piano 2 Icona Player Piano 2.png "This piano will teach you to play a little ditty."
Violin Icona Violin.png "Follow the teacher's instructions and play "Mona Pizza." WITH FEELING!"
Rhythm Hammer Icona Rhythm Hammer.png "Who needs a band when you've got this?"
Bell Icona Bell.png "Ring the bell gently to produce a calming chime."
Twist Drum Icona Twist Drum.png "Play the drum by twisting it."
Maracas Icona Maracas.png "Shooka shooka shooka!"
Oinker Icona Oinker.png "No pigs were harmed in the making of this oinker."
Guitar Icona Guitar.png "Most of this guitar is acoustic, but the red part is electric."
Drum Kit Icona Drum Kit.png "Everything you need in a drum kit."
Wario Fan Icona Wario Fan.png "A musical fan"
Mona Fan Icona Mona Fan.png "A musical fan"
Jimmy Fan Icona Jimmy Fan.png "A musical fan"
Kat Fan Icona Kat Fan.png "A musical fan"
Ana Fan Icona Ana Fan.png "A musical fan"
Dribble Fan Icona Dribble Fan.png "A musical fan"
Spitz Fan Icona Spitz Fan.png "A musical fan"
Crygor Fan Icona Crygor Fan.png "A musical fan"
Orbulon Fan Icona Orbulon Fan.png "A musical fan"
9-Volt Fan Icona 9-Volt Fan.png "A musical fan"
18-Volt Fan Icona 18-Volt Fan.png "A musical fan"
Wario-Man Fan Icona Wario-Man Fan.png "A musical fan"

Figurines (Statuette)[modifica | modifica sorgente]

Questi souvenir sono delle statuette raffiguranti diversi personaggi con cui è possibile interagire in diversi modi.

Souvenir Icona Descrizione
King Icona King.png "He's not above apologizing when he's wrong."
Teen Idol Icona Teen Idol.png "She's a pop star, but she still gets shy."
Teddy Bear Icona Teddy Bear.png "A teddy bear. Duh."
Bald Guy Icona Bald Guy.png "Hey, his head is like a bowling ball."
Mountain Climber Icona Mountain Climber.png "Climb climb climb!"
Giraffe Icona Giraffe.png "This giraffe is kinda unsteady on his feet!"
Boy Icona Boy.png "Billy stayed up too late playing Nintendo. Bad Billy!"

(Solo nella versione Giapponese)

Icona Mushroom.png (Traduzione) "A mushroom doll. This kind of doll isn't seen very much, y'know..."
Yoga Man Icona Yoga Man.png "Relax!"
Wario Icona Souvenir Wario.png "Excellent!"
Mona Icona Souvenir Mona.png "She's got googly eyes."
Jimmy Icona Souvenir Jimmy.png "Don't let him wig out!"
Kat Icona Souvenir Kat.png "Only a ninja could pull off this stealthy feat!"
Ana Icona Souvenir Ana.png "Only a ninja could pull off this stealthy feat!"
Dribble Icona Souvenir Dribble.png "Hope he doesn't fall over!"
Spitz Icona Souvenir Spitz.png "That little guy's on a roll. Har har...uh, yeah."
Dr. Crygor Icona Souvenir Dr. Crygor.png "He's a flexible guy."
Orbulon Icona Souvenir Orbulon.png "His pose is weird. Maybe it's an alien thing."
9-Volt Icona Souvenir 9-Volt.png "That kid's head is huge! His neck must hurt."
18-Volt Icona Souvenir 18-Volt.png "His hands look heavy."
Wario-Man Icona Souvenir Wario-Man.png "Can you figure out my superpower?"

Games (Giochi)[modifica | modifica sorgente]

Questi souvenir non sono altro che dei minigiochi che offrono un gameplay differente. Molti di questi sono delle versioni estese di alcuni microgiochi.

Souvenir Icona Descrizione
Spitz Hockey Icona-Spitz-Hockey.png "I'll take a break from work to play a round with you.."
Ana Hockey Icona-Ana-Hockey.png "Yeah, play against me! I may be little, but I know a trick or two!"
Unfair Hockey Icona-Unfair-Hockey.png "You might be shocked if you challenge me."
Eternal Wario Hockey Icona-Eternal-Wario-Hockey.png "I can play all night. And day. And night."
Wario Bike Icona-Wario-Bike.png "I'm a maniac on my bike! Master the tricks of the road to get the high score!"
Apple Assault Icona-Apple-Assault.png "The fierce battle between wee Warios, who've come to pick apples, and the apples themselves."
Cyclone Scuffle Icona-Cyclone-Scuffle.png "I've been working out. SO hot that you didn't recognize me, did ya? I'll take 'em all on!"
Astro Boomerang! Icona-Astro-Boomerang!.png "Fend off apple attacks with your boomerang! It's up to you to keep the peace in space!"
Stabs in the Dark Icona-souvenir-Stabs-in-the-Dark.png "I am the master. I'll take on all enemies who come my way. Bring it on!"
Half-Pipe Icona-Half-Pipe.png "My legs are too to snowboard. Hmph."
Pushover Icona-Pushover.png "Challenge a friend to see who's the biggest pushover! Tip the GBA to either side. This first player to fall over loses!"
Divider Conquer Icona-Divider-Conquer.png "Break down those barriers!"
Mega Micro Golf Icona-Mega-Micro-Golf.png "Finish the course with as few shots as possible."
Pillow Fight Icona-Pillow-Fight.png "I am in training. My master told me to keep practicing. The road to the pros is long."
Staying Asheep Icona-Staying-Asheep.png "When will I be able to sleep?"
Ski Jumping Icona-Ski-Jumping.png "How far can you jump?"
Sew Hard Icona-Sew-Hard.png "For expert tailors."
Batting Practice Icona-Batting-Practice.png "The secret to hitting a home run? A fastball and a swing that packs a punch!"
Mewtroid Icona-Mewtroid.png "Roll left and right to defeat the evil bugs! Your quick moves and paw cannon will bring you to victory!"
PYORO R Icona-PYORO-R.png "Pyoro's back! This time, his beak stretches! Protect your flower friends from the attacking bugs!"
WarioWare: Twisted! Icona-souvenir-WarioWare-Twisted!.png "Hey, this music sounds familiar. Wanna try playing this game?"

Doodads (Marchingegni)[modifica | modifica sorgente]

Questi souvenir sono dei Gadget utili che offrono un uso unico. E' la categoria a presentare meno souvenir di tutti.

Souvenir Icona Descrizione
Clock Icona-Clock.png "Time will fly with this twisted clock!"
Globe Icona-Globe.png "I can see my house from here!"
Fortune Cookie Icona-Fortune-Cookie.png "See what your future holds."
Planetarium Icona-Planetarium.png "Turn the telescope to see all of the signs of the zodiac."
Protractor Icona-Protractor.png "It measures angles."
Minuteglass Icona-Minuteglass.png "One minute"
Ramen Timer Icona-Ramen-Timer.png "Three minutes"
Egg Timer Icona-Egg-Timer.png "Five minutes"
Seismockgraph Icona-Seismockgraph.png "It'll kinda measure vibration."
Love Tester Icona-Love-Tester.png "Test your love! Or, if you're like me, you can test your compatibility with yourself. Turns out we're in it for the long haul!"
Lie Detector Icona-Lie-Detector.png "Hold Pulsante L and Pulsante R. If you're even THINKING about lying, the whole world will know! And everyone will point and laugh!"
Timer Icona-Timer.png "Set this timer and it will go off when it reaches 0. You can go up to 5 minutes."

Toys (Giocattoli)[modifica | modifica sorgente]

Questi souvenir sono dei semplici giocattoli che posso essere usati per divertimento. E' la categoria a presentare più souvenir di tutti.

Souvenir Icona Descrizione
Spring Kaleidoscope Icona-Spring-Kaleidoscope.png "A kaleidoscope with the colors of spring."
Summer Kaleidoscope Icona-Summer-Kaleidoscope.png "A kaleidoscope with the colors of summer."
Autumn Kaleidoscope Icona-Autumn-Kaleidoscope.png "A kaleidoscope with the colors of autumn."
Winter Kaleidoscope Icona-Winter-Kaleidoscope.png "A kaleidoscope with the colors of winter."
Love Kaleidoscope Icona-LoveSad-Kaleidoscope.png "A kaleidoscope with the colors of love."
Sad Kaleidoscope Icona-LoveSad-Kaleidoscope.png "A kaleidoscope with the colors of sadness."
Snake Charmer Icona-Snake-Charmer.png "It's not hard to charm this snake."
Police Car Icona-Police-Car.png "Don't try this at home, kids."
Robots Icona-Robots.png "Robot wrestling!"
Face It! Icona-Face-It!.png "Design a whole new look for yourself!"
Pool Break Icona-Pool-Break.png "How many balls can you drop in the break?"
Snow Globe Icona-Snow-Globe.png "Inside the globe, snow is falling. Pretty."
Bouncy Ball Icona-Bouncy-Ball.png "This ball is ridiculously bouncy."
Top Icona-Top.png "Keep it spinning!"
Woodpecker Icona-Woodpecker.png "He's the hardest-working bird around!"
Pizza Music Box Icona-Pizza-Music-Box.png "This song makes me hungry."
Wario Lightwand Icona-Wario-Lightwand.png "This lightwand stinks! Shake it to see what happens."
Mona Lightwand Icona-Mona-Lightwand.png "This fancy lightwand has pizza sauce on it. Shake it to see what happens."
Jimmy Lightwand Icona-Jimmy-Lightwand.png "This lightwand is funky! Shake it to see what happens."
Kat Lightwand Icona-Kat-Lightwand.png "Shake this lightwand to see what hides inside."
Ana Lightwand Icona-Ana-Lightwand.png "There's something stealthy hiding in this lightwand."
Dribble Lightwand Icona-Dribble-Lightwand.png "Shake this lightwand to see what hides inside."
Spitz Lightwand Icona-Spitz-Lightwand.png "The handle on this lightwand is broken. Shake it to see what happens."
Dr. Crygor Lightwand Icona-Crygor-Lightwand.png "This lightwand feels odd. Try shaking it left and right to see what it hides. Hmph."
Orbulon Lightwand Icona-Orbulon-Lightwand.png "Why is this lightwand so hard to hold? Shake it to see what happens."
9-Volt Lightwand Icona-9-Volt-Lightwand.png "Try shaking this lightwand to see what happens."
18-Volt Lightwand Icona-18-Volt-Lightwand.png "Shake this lightwand to see what hides inside."
Wario-Man Lightwand Icona-Wario-Man.png "This lightwand just reeks of garlic. Try shaking it left and right to see what it hides."

Altro (Other)[modifica | modifica sorgente]

Questi souvenir sono un assortimento di diversi oggetti che non potrebbero stare nelle altre categorie.

Souvenir Icona Descrizione
Carrot Grater Icona-Carrot-Grater.png "Don't grate your fingers by accident!"
Big Carrot Grater Icona-Big-Carrot-Grater.png "A pair of legs? No, a carrot for two!"
Slice of Cake Grater Icona-Slice-of-Cake-Grater.png "I said I wanted a slice of cake, not shreds of cake!"
Cake Grater Icona-Cake-Grater.png "The worst crime of all is wasting cake."
Sedan Grater Icona-Sedan-Grater.png "Well, it's scrap metal now!"
SUV Grater Icona-SUV-Grater.png "Try off-roading in this!"
Clean Sweep Icona-Clean-Sweep.png "What is all this junk? Clean it up!"
Garden Gnome Icona-Garden-Gnome.png "He'll watch over the flowers if you shake the snow off his cap."
Wet Dog Icona-Wet-Dog.png "Ugh! It smells like wet dog here."
Student Icona-Student.png "He'd have an easier time studying if he'd brush the leaves off his glasses."
Pet Hamster Icona-Pet-Hamster.png "Being a pet stinks. I have to power this light, and I'm tired!"
Seasonings Icona-Seasonings.png "Watch the seasons change as you spin this picture."
Towel Icona-Towel.png "This dishrag has seen better days."
Pet Cat Icona-Pet-Cat.png "You better be nice to Sugar's cat."
Telephone Icona-Telephone.png "Try dialing the numbers you get from the souvenir machine."
Mochitsuki Set (Solo nella versione Giapponese) Icona-Mochitsuki-Set.png (Traduzione) "Making mochi is the best! With this set, making mochi is easy!"
Radio Icona-Radio.png "I'm not getting any signal from this piece of junk. Here--you try."
Credits Icona-WWT-Credits.png "These people want to take credit for "WarioWare: Twisted!" But don't believe them! It was all me. I don't see THEIR names in the title!"
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